This might be one of the most fraught stories in professional sports when you consider the totality of the circumstances. I am certainly not an Armstrong apologist, far from it. But what one fellow cyclist once said is true: he won by playing the game better than all the others. Doping in cycling is absolutely nothing… » 3/06/14 9:19am 3/06/14 9:19am

For two years my daily driver was a '31 Model A (my handle's namesake, as you can probably figure). My dad drove it daily for 5 years before that. As an Atlantan you can appreciate its origins - dad went to Tech. Enough said. Glad to know that owning (and driving) an eighty year-old car is similar to an Italian exotic. … » 3/05/14 6:22pm 3/05/14 6:22pm

1 horsepower was determined by Watt to be the peak sustained amount of work it took for one horse to raise 330 pounds of coal 100 feet in a minute, or 33 pounds of coal 1,000 feet in one minute, or 1,000 pounds 33 feet in one minute. Even based off of the archaic definition, that would be one astonishing horse. I have… » 2/26/14 8:34pm 2/26/14 8:34pm

Is there any equivalent to this that is an earphone and not strictly a hearing aid? I listen to books and podcasts through my iPhone and always end up doing so with one ear bud hanging out so I can still hear what's going on around me. I like the wirelessness of bluetooth, but bluetooth headsets tend to be either very… » 2/25/14 9:58am 2/25/14 9:58am

My grandfather was a ball-turret gunner and flew over Belgium, I believe. We still have a lot of his gear including the leather helmet and his bomber jacket. They would stamp a bomb on the back for every mission they completed. He completed his entire round and then some flying 28 missions. He was very reluctant to… » 2/25/14 9:15am 2/25/14 9:15am