Friday, a problem arose. Yesterday, Patrick George outed me to the whole community as having this problem. Over the last 24 hours I've begun to realize the scale of this problem. And, it is formidable.

I'm inclined to blame my wife, but it feels unfair to lay all of the responsibility on her. Afterall, I asked for the problem. Bargained for it, even. Worse still, she burdened my brother with the problem, too. So what is the problem? I have no idea which supercar to drive around the Talladega Grand Prix Raceway. I will give you a moment to feel sorry for us.

All done? Ok.

Rarely do I open deal-of-the-day offers in my email, but when I saw "Talladega Superca..." at the end of the subject, I couldn't resist. I immediately copied the link and posted it on a popular social networking website, addressing it to my wife's attention with the bargain: "Buy this for me and I'll never forget to take out the recycling ever again." We keep a pretty tight budget, so I meant it to be amusing. She didn't respond.

That day I fantasized about how sensational it would be to stand in front of a row of supercars, one of them just waiting to be chosen by me. The daydream was problematic, though. As it were, I am woefully ill equipped to make such a choice without harboring some regret about what I might have missed. I have never so much as looked closely at only a few real supercars in my life. Given the choice to pick one for a drive, how could I possibly know which one to choose?

In my daydream, there was only one solution - turn to Jalopnik. In my dream world, I would have the experiences of thousands of likeminded individuals to draw from. I would put it to the Jalopnik to community to make my decision for me. How cool would that be!?

By the time I got home I had almost forgotten about the whole thing. That was of course until my wife brought up that thing I asked her about earlier that day. I laughed, shrugged, and told her how I looked forward to one day being able to do something so amazing. Without any flourish or hype, she asked if March 23rd would be a good time. I'm fairly certain gravity quit working for a few moments, but when I found the floor back under my feet I made absolutely sure that she was not just putting me on.


The very next move was to tap out a message to every Jalopnik writer email address I could find. If my wife was going to make one half of the daydream come true, I wasn't going to let the other half escape. Much sooner than I expected, I had a response from Patrick George. Tentatively, it was on!

Sure enough, one day after I realized my newfound problem I started reciving text messages from friends - all of them with the same link. True to his word, Patrick had posted my email and opened my question to the finest and most diverse car community in existence. Literally thousands of people would see what is, to be sure, a very very fortunate problem of mine. Moreover, dozens would lend opinions that were even more expert that I could have dreamed.

So now it is. I have a choice to make and scores of opinions on which to stand while I make it. I hope I can address a great many of them, and I can't wait to provide updates and insight into my thoughts on each choice. Oh man, this is going to be fun!!!


Oh yeah, and Patrick George ispretty awesome. Why? Because racecar. Obviously.

(I've tried to respond to a bunch of the advice. Wow, there has been a lot! This is so cool. I can't even say! Thanks and I hope I'll have an update soon.)